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Here I was to a toilet Slavery session, in the domina studio of Contessa Barbara Calucci, to fill a slave with our delicacies together with her. After we had brought the slaves to the slaves' cellar, we both scrambled him first into his mouth and he had to swallow our snot. Then Contessa Calucci pooped and slapped the slave into his mouth. He had to swallow everything away, and then I pooped and pissed the slave into his mouth. Since some shit from me had not landed in the slave's mouth, I pulled on latex gloves and fed the slave with my shit. We spit and spit on him, into his mouth smeared with shit. The slave then had to jerk off his cock, cumshot while he shit shit! His own sperm, the slave had to swallow. Finally, he had to lick the floor clean! Slaves wanted!
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