What is Scatten?
At Scatten you can watch videos or upload and sell your private videos. A part of the profits will be distributed to the webmaster, the platform licensee and the payment provider. You will receive 25 percent of the profits of your videos. You can rate and recommend other videos.

What is necessary for Scatten?
An usual Internetbrowser as e.g. Firefox 2.x, Opera 9.x, Internet Explorer 6 or higher. As well you need the current Adobe Flash Player as of version 9.0.115 You can Download Adobe Flash Player here for free.

What do the profile icons mean?

The user or amateur has been verified through our support team via their ID or passport and has been classified as genuine.
The amateur is currently available in the Livechat!
This user/amateur-profile has been saved in your favourites list.
This user or amateur has an active VIP membership.
This user or amateur wishes to meet other users in real life or offers meeting opportunities themselves in real life via request!

User questions

How do I rate a video?
Just click on the stars next to the video. If you drag your mouse over the stars the number of filled stars changes. The more stars are filled, the higher is your rating.

How can I watch videos?
Just click on the scheme picture of the video to start playing. Or click on the topic above the video. If you click on the user name beneath the video more information and additional videos of this user will be displayed.

How do I search for videos?
Either you search for rated videos by choosing the number of stars in the selection field, or you search for key words e.g. sex toilet cum etc. A combination of words and stars is possible as well.

Amateur questions

What are keywords?
Keywords are words which characterise your video best. By creating a new video you decide by wich keywords your video can be found. Does a search by keywords correspond with your deposited keywords, your video will be shown in the search results.

How do I create a video?
Just as easy with a digital video camera or a digital foto camera. However the foto camera must have a video-function. First you have to upload the video from your camera to your computer. You can learn this by the instruction manual of the camera. Now you can try to upload the video straight to our server. If our server can identify the video-format it will be converted automatically. If not, you will receive an error notice and have to convert your video primally into another format. You can find various programms to convert a video into another format on the internet, maybe your camera even contains a suitable software. You achieve the best quality with mpeg4 (DivX or Xvid) and a resolution of 640x480 pixels. For this just download the converter on www.divx.com (14 days for free), now just load the video there and convert it. Then you can easily upload the converted video to our server. That works with the link „Add video“ on the site „My Scatten“

Which file-formats are accepted by Scatten?
Videos can be uploaded in the following formats. avi, wmv, mpeg, mov, divX

How long does it take to upload my video?
That depends on your internet connection. Between 1 and 5 minutes per MB. Mind that the videos may not be bigger than 500 MB.

How long does it take until users can watch my video?
After uploading the video it will be converted automatically and enabled by our support. In most cases enabling and converting will happen within a few hours. As soon as it is your video's turn, the status on page „My videos“ changes to „conv. started“ after a successful conversion the status changes to „one examines“ as soon as your video has been enabled the status changes to „online“ and the video can be bought by users.